APU-MRO is dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the industry’s best APU aftermarket services. At APU-MRO, we strive to provide services that result in ensuring our customer’s operating and financial objectives for APU repair and procurement are met. APU-MRO utilizes its technical and program resources to assist the operator in returning their APU assets to service within budget and schedule, while meeting performance objectives.

Program and Repair Shop Oversight

Whether it’s a shop visit for a single aircraft or you operate an entire fleet, program/repair process oversight is critical to maintaining your APU and managing the useful life cost of ownership. APU-MRO’s knowledge of the repair process and workscope development uniquely qualifies us to provide management oversight of the repair process. Our proactive involvement ensures you get your hardware returned to service in accordance with the cost and performance objectives of you the end user/operator. Managed activities include oversight of repair operations and activities, workscope development, technical support, administrative services, scrap reviews, and final out inspections.


Our industry experience, along with expertise as an operator and as a repair facility, allows us to provide quality audit services. Audit services include shop visit record package reviews, repair shop procedures, PMA/DER review, and supplier audits.


An operator needs to keep the repair and overhaul process as seamless as possible. With APU-MRO’s involvement in your APU R&O activities you can be assured that you will not experience compliance issues that have the potential to be costly or even worse result in grounding an aircraft. APU-MRO will drive compliance with FAA, OEM, and the operator’s own internal procedures. As our involvement goes up, your potential for compliance issues go down. We make certain that mandatory service bulletins, air directives, documentation, PMA/DER and compliance with internal operator procedures is maintained.

Troubleshooting and On-Wing Support

Our involvement does not end when the APU is returned to service. We can provide on-wing technical support in the form of troubleshooting, borescope inspection and analysis.


Everyone wants the best value they can find when purchasing an APU on the open market. APU-MRO can find, and evaluate, APUs for sale in the market. Perform record audits and make purchase recommendations. We can also help you source replacement hardware.



APU-MRO is here to serve your needs. Feel free to contact us at any our our locations.

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